VAT Services

VAT Services


SOFT POWER ACCOUNTING & AUDITING LLC is an Official Partner with Federal Tax Authority as Tax Agency with registration number 30001101.

Our staff is well Qualified & Experienced in the area of Taxation, Auditing, Accounting & IFRS implementation, including an Authorized Tax Agent with (FTA) with registration number 20017745.

We are helping UAE Businesses in;

  • Excise Tax Compliance
  • VAT Compliance
  • VAT Return Filling
  • Representing your Business in FTA for all Disputes Resolution
  • VAT review & External VAT Audit

Tax Agent under UAE VAT

The FTA has made the provision for qualified and licensed persons to assist Taxable Persons in compliance under VAT. These persons are called Tax Agents. Let us understand more about Tax Agents under VAT.

Who is a Tax Agent?

A Tax Agent is a person registered with the FTA, who can be appointed by a Taxable Person to represent him/her before the FTA and assist in fulfilling his/her tax obligations and exercising his tax rights. A Tax Agent can assist taxable persons to fully meet their tax obligations and save them the time and effort required in compliance.

What are the duties of a Tax Agent?

The duties of a Tax Agent are the following:

  • Assist Taxable Persons with their tax obligations as per the contractual agreement between the Taxable Person and the Tax Agent.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained during performing his/her duties as a Tax Agent.
  • Refuse to participate in any work or plan which may result in the breach of any Law by any person or which may jeopardize the integrity of the tax system.
  • If and when requested by the FTA, provide all information, documents, records and data required regarding the Taxable Person he/she represents.

General Awareness Training

We conduct training session for VAT across the UAE. Our scope covers the following:

  • Single owner business
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Internal VAT Implementation Training

We focus on tailored VAT trainings which is customized to individual business need. We do care the impact of VAT in your scenarios and how your following areas would be impacted:

  • Payable
  • Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Chart of account
  • Reporting
  • Submitting VAT to FTA
  • Transition of accounts and accounting system to VAT oriented recording systems.
  • Preparing claims from FTA on refund
  • Preparation of report in a the format required by authorities
  • Setting the configuration of your accounting system according to your VAT scenarios
  • VAT Implementation Services

We can help you provide you the following services to perform efficiently for VAT purposes:

  • Registration for VAT
  • Accounting for VAT
  • Preparation for VAT
  • Filling of VAT return