Our approach toward booking service is very particular. We provides full end to end service of whole accounting cycle. We could visit you on daily basis, weekly basis or dedicate a resource onsite depending on your requirements. We prepare our records by using following documents. These would be most probably on your accounting software.

  • Sales cycle – this would include Sales invoices, delivery notes, Receipt Vouchers and debit notes
  • Purchase cycle-this would include Purchase invoices, goods receive notes, Payment vouchers, and credit notes
  • Petty cash- this would include expenses related to different parts of operations
  • Banking- this would include bank reconciliation, bank transfer copies and copies of cheques
  • General Ledger-this would include adjusting transactions and General journal transactions

As a result of above recording you could extra information in form of reports through your available application. We can also extract some reports required to take management decision. The reports would include the following:

  1. Balance sheet (statement of financial position)
  2. Profit and loss account (statement of comprehensive income)
  3. Cash flow statements
  4. Receivables aging list
  5. Payables aging list
  6. Comparative report on sales performance
  7. Comparative report on expenses
  8. Variance/ratio analysis

On quarterly basis, we issue additional report including the ratio analysis, breakeven point/margin of safety analysis